What about Gameplay of Dragon Ball Legends Game?

Dragon Ball Legends has impressive gameplay that newbie can easily understand or make challenging levels much easier. First, if you want to clear all your doubts in the early stages, then you must complete the tutorial in order to learn the basics.

Worth mentioning here, challenges will also let you earn Chrono Crystals and rare medals as a reward that can be used in the game store to purchase unique items. One can also carry out some optional challenges in the campaign mode.

Impressive Gameplay!

  • Dragon Ball Legends is totally based on the PvP Battle in which players have only goal to go towards victory by dominating a lot of enemies. This is only possible when your team defense is strong and a great combination of team members.
  • There are plenty of chapters available in the story mode that you need to accomplish step by step in order to grab crystals, souls, and z-points as a reward. One should also know the importance of these funds in the early stages in order to make quick progress in Dragon Ball Legends
  • One can also customize their team heroes by spending In-Game Currencies or make them more powerful. By doing this, your team will ready to compete with real human enemies.
  • Finally, the In-App Purchase store is also the best feature of Dragon Ball Legends by which gamers can buy every type of item by spending their real cash on it. Most of the users use this feature to overcome the typical battle.

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