Guide to Brawlers in the game Brawl Stars

Brawl Stars is a freemium game launched by Supercell, the makers of Clash of Clans and Clash Royale and is available on Apple devices. The game is a 3v3 mode game where teams will pit against each other to be the ultimate winner. The multiplayer formula of the game makes it interesting and strategic for the players, and it becomes a way to pass the time between friends who can build up a team. The game is played in different modes like Heist, Bounty, Smash and Grab and Showdown. You play the game with the help of Brawlers which you unlock throughout the game.

Facts about Brawlers

·         Shelly is the brawler you start with, but in the game, you can collect up to 14 more Brawlers to make up your collection. Brawlers also help in unlocking game types valid in every slot.

·         Brawl boxes have to be opened to get Brawlers. They are opened through gems or coins. If you get a duplicate Brawler in a Brawl box, it is converted into chips. Chips help you in unlocking new brawlers. You can either get a common Brawler or a Rare Brawler depending on your luck.

·         By participating in PvP games, you level up your Brawlers, and you also climb up the leaderboard connected to the specific Brawler.

·         Elixirs will help you in upgrading the Brawlers, they are found in the Brawl Boxes.

Types of Brawlers:

·         Common Brawlers are the most that come out of Brawl Boxes: These are Brawlers that are common, Shelley, Colt, Jessie, El Paco, Dynamic, Brock, and Nita. These are the normal types of Brawlers that you will play the game with. While playing with them, you have to be careful about the attacks and defense mechanisms. You can use their special attacks to defeat the opponents.

·         Rare characters like Poco, Barley, Bull, and Ricochet are great for defense and shooting your opponents. Every Brawler has different tactics of attack. Rare characters need more chips to unlock and more elixir to upgrade.

·         Epic Brawlers like Bo, Mortis and Legendary ones like Spike and Crow are to be used in special battles, and they hold great powers and attack tactics. They are the hardest to find and require a huge amount of coins to unlock. Legendary Brawlers take up to 700 chips to unlock, and more elixir is needed to upgrade them to have the right health and attack.

El Primo is one of the best common characters to play the game with to win a place on the leaderboard. Using Brawl Stars hack 2019 can help in securing a huge number of gems which allow you to buy Brawl Boxes which enhance your chance of getting Rare and Epic Brawlers from those boxes. Playing the interesting strategy based game will surely enhance your quality time, and you will be addicted to the game in just a few settings. The shooting throughout the game enhances relaxation and lets you remember the strategy video games that were popular in your childhood.

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